Thursday, October 22, 2015

Starting to get excited

I'm getting beyond excited about my journey beyond school.

When you work so hard for so long, to the point of exhaustion, burn out, dismay, and disbelief. It's rather a surreal experience to actually think of the possibility that there is life beyond this chapter.

My biggest task right now is to stay focused, to not get too excited, stay present.  Because the more I can focus on school, the closer I will be to finishing. And finishing soon! I have roughly six weeks to get everything compiled to send out to my committee! I can't even believe it. It's completely unreal.

My journey after this, is unknown. But on the horizon are some prospectives:

Travel to Denver Colorado, a once dairy farmer is transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, and way of living.  In the process, setting up a sanctuary for the animals. This can be a challenging process but absolutely possible with a management plan going ahead. I'm not sure if I can assist in this process, but we'll schedule a time this winter to take a look at the property, see what's locally being produced available, investigate high value crops that may do well in the area, and alternative business plans to help get the sanctuary on their feet in terms of obtaining funds necessary for the goals.  I'm so excited about this, because it's definitely something I believe in, and with the amount of studying that I've done, I feel it's time to make good use of it! And of course all of this work would be pro bono.  As long as I am able, contributing to these kinds of causes is, as far as I'm concerned, what I'm all about.  They currently have a indiegogo page, it's called, 'Saving the Sanctuary, and Broken Shovels Farm'

I've been invited to Iran by a friend who is seeing the problems in Iran among farmers.  Their cancer rates are sky high, and they don't get a lot of support with sustainable farming practices.  This problem could potentially be multifold.  Which likely it is.  1- Getting leftover pesticides and herbicides which are not allowed in other countries 2- Never being trained in the safety of using chemicals on fields 3- Not knowing about any alternatives. 4- Not acquiring adequate nutrition from diets, making diseases and cancer more susceptible to the population.  5- Pollution in the water, and in the soil, built up over time, exacerbating these issues.

There are some processes available to help buffer pollution in water and the soil, like growing specific organisms and plants to clear/filter the toxicity, funneling water through natural areas for filtration,  but it's also possible that more complicated solutions may be needed.

Limiting dependence on agricultural chemicals, is definitely feasible with more sustainable farming techniques, teaching more appropriate handling methods of chemicals, and then of course eating a more nutrient dense diet, some of these things may be able to make a dramatic impact on the lives of these people affected by these circumstances.

Of course, whether I will be able to go, will be dependent on visa accessibility. Iranian and American relations aren't currently the best, however the more we can interact with each other in positive ways, perhaps the better for both countries. Breaking down these social barriers especially of images that media transmits that build animosity between people, isn't exactly a straightforward process, But it seems we need to try! Let's build a positive world culture, with helping hands at every turn. That's what I believe in anyway!!

3)There's also a friend in Peru, working with indigenous people, attempting to make a meaningful bridge and friendship between indigenous tribes and tourists. They are building a center there, in order to connect these people in a meaningful way. It's so inspiring to me because it's something the modern world is often so behind in, simple living, connecting with the earth. And it also gives a way for indigenous populations to interact in  a way that is respectful to their tradition and their customs, while also gaining monetary support in this process allowing them more freedom as a people to their land and their rights. I would love to explore this relationship more fully, and have also been invited to take a look at their soil ;) see if anything can be improved on that front.

4) I would love to visit Sadhana Forest in Kenya, I know I've written a lot about their organization on my blog in the past, but with everyday the locals and the officials in the Kenya are taking notice to what is happening and the positive shift seems to be dramatic. I'd love to spend some time here and further explore the way Aviram organizes these things with so much success.

5)A bit of a divergence, but what I'd love to learn more about it, is animal communication. Specifically from Anna Breytenbach in South Africa. Whether or not I'd be able to learn the skill, I have no idea, but it definitely seems like something that more people on planet earth should at least be trying to understand. The more we can connect with animals on a deeper level, the more I believe we can open ourselves up to broader compassion for those beings who are more vulnerable than us.  And may hopefully strike passion and drive in people to also want to expand their hearts to include animals. Not using animals as food, and resources, is helpful on so many levels on planet earth, letting go of conditioning, opening up to new creative ways of being and living that doesn't subject others, improving quality of air, water, soil and other resources, opens up possibility of living more connected to others, having more available resources for everyone.

Apart from that, I'm also looking forward to just being. Being present in life, opening myself up to the possibilities.

Just felt like sharing.

Have a great day!


Monday, October 19, 2015

Feeling disgusted

I'm rather livid right now. I can't handle the blindness, I know I should be compassionate in this situation, but I have the hardest time, trying to open the minds of these people who are systematically lied to by our culture and I'm exhausted of how narrow scope human beings are able to comprehend. I know I'm supposed to be positive, but I think we all reach our maxed out, angry point at times.  This was my response to someone commenting about humans are at the center of the universe, therefore we do what we want and use animals.

It's unfortunate but I see this all of the time. People claiming that human beings are the apex of all of creation.
So ultimately we humans believe that animals are resources, how is it then, that most find animal factory farming monstrous then?
Some claim humans have been using animals since the beginning of time, and why should we ever think about changing?
Do you really believe that if we have always used animals for, food, shelter, clothing, that that justifies it as sane or good? In the face currently of ecological collapse on multiple fronts --oceanic and all lands?
Humans have always been at war with one another since as long as we are aware of, does that make war good or sane?
Humans have traditionally had much lower life spans, about half of what we have today, does that make shorter life spans sane or good?
Today, our extent to animal manipulation is much more than it ever has been, are you then against this? Animal testing for pharmaceuticals, make-up, house hold products, random experimental designs for 'science'.
To what extent do you believe animals more resemble plants or rocks than they do humans? To what extent do you believe that animals have no capacity to care for themselves or others or their life? To what extent are Humans more aware, more conscious, more able than animals?
We just happen to be really good with tools, apart from that, I only actually see animals being often times, much more intelligent than us. We are the only species, who has managed to shift the ecosystem so much, that not only are we annihilating our own species, but we are bringing just about every other species down with us. If that isn't a huge failure of intelligence, I'm not sure what is.
Just because something is weaker than us, I'm not sure how that justifies us, making full use of it. It's the patriarchal mindset, use what can be used for your own means. Use other races for slaves, because you can, use woman and children for sex and labor without their permission because you can. Use animals for all of your needs, because you can. Use the world and its resources for your needs in excess because you can, Take from the poor, the sick, the helpless and the weak, because they are vulnerable, and it will keep you in power.
This is the mindset of many of the dominant cultures of the world today, They have hidden the messages so cleverly, yet they are still so bold and vibrant since, these are the actions unfortunately much more common among humans than the choice of compassion on this earth.
Our societies have successfully taught humans that this is the normal way, the only way, to gain strength, to gain fortune.
However, what is true compassion, what does living in an ecosphere mean. What is true connection. We live in a world that hardly anyone dare enter, or attempt to understand. We are trapped in the mundane everyday existence of cleaning, working, driving, using our gadgets, absorbing ourselves in made up stories projected onto screens. We are numb. Yet the mystery of the universe, the divine in all creation is here, waiting to be discovered in the minute occurrences that we too often ignore on a daily basis.
Yet, if we choose to listen, if we choose to be present, we can find this unshakable propensity of wisdom, in nature, we are not limited to the spoken words of humans throughout the ages, of course they would be telling the story with the creature of their choice (their race, gender and religion of human) in the center, but that hardly is anything but a boastful lie, to imagine the world as only full to the extent of that one component. Humans can't exist without the functions of the ecosystem on planet earth, we are hardly important.
We in fact, are so weak, so fragile, so small in the grand scheme of things. To believe humans are at the center of the stage above and beyond all other life. It's the same mindset as the belief that the Sun rotated around the Earth, claiming everything is only about us. So arrogant, so boastful, so untrue.

Monday, October 12, 2015

For these souls..

hmm okay, so maybe I will still periodically post when the inspiration comes. 
After viewing this picture of this animal, who has had their teeth, testicals and their tale ripped out without euthanasia, these were the words that came to me.. 

These are the souls we ruin for our mere taste buds. that's it. Our mere laze in not wanting to change. Take out salt, take out the smoke, take out the cooking from bacon and all it is a piece of dripping flesh from this animal. It's so easy to make that taste in any other food without using this animal's insides.
In fact, most commercial bacon bits, are actually vegan. Soy, smoke flavor, salt and cooking. Something juicy can be made with tempeh, eggplant, coconut, mushrooms, even jackfruit. I make it all of the time and it's wonderful, and I can eat it with a pure conscious because a being like this, didn't have to suffer so I could get my 'fix' of smoke, salt and cooking.
That's it. It's no meat fix, because once you give up meat, you realize that you don't even miss it. You miss the tastes and the flavors and the textures associated with meat.. but those can all be absolutely replaced with plants. In fact, we make meat to appear more like plants than it appears to be meat. If it appeared to be more like meat.. We would salivate by looking at this picture. We would eat what was in this picture as is, we would eat the feces on its skin, we would eat everything, including the bones. That's what real carnivores do. If we are actually part 'carnivores' we are the saddest 'part' carnivorous species I've ever seen.
We have to use tools to kill our prey. And mostly we don't have the capacity to chase them down, we must use tools that can aim at long distances. Even that is too much of a hassle for most of humanity... we actually need to pay someone else, to not only kill animals, but to breed them in small confined spaces, so that there is actually no chance for this animal to escape, even if it was otherwise one of the strongest species on the planet. No, we are the most pathetic part 'carnivores' I've ever witnessed. In fact, I really don't think we are 'part' carnivorous at all. Given that most people are truly disgusted witnessing a butchering event.
Most don't want anything to do with it. And not to mention our guts, we have the weakest guts as well, when we eat raw animal we get sick. We get obnoxiously sick, and many people die. Cats and dogs have the acidity in their guts to deal with the bacteria. we don't. Not even close. We also have long intestinal tracks just as other herbivorous creatures have, to slowly extract nutrients from plants. Cats have short intestinal tracks, so they can quickly eliminate all of the rotting meat in their guts. What happens to the rotten meat in our guts... well constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, noxious gas... bloating. It's not worth it. taking these lives just isn't worth it, not for our health, not for them, and not for our environment.


School has currently been taking up much of my time, I'm in my final semester, so I'm in full writing mode for my thesis.

Once January hits, I'm planning on traveling more with my husband, visiting more farms and eco communities, soil testing, and sharing what I learn here.

in the meantime, I do post a lot on fb.

All the best,