Saturday, December 14, 2013

Animal Communication

I saw such a beautiful documentary today on animal communication I have to share it here.

It sparked such an interest in me to learn more I found a few other gems online…

a really creative way to connect animals and people through the use of the internet, this idea is still in the making, but I do find it fascinating.

A parrot who is as capable if not more to learn concepts of that of a 5 year old.  I just find it utterly amazing that animals despite having totally different sound equipment then humans are able to speak in our language enough that there is communication -- especially among species like birds and apes.  These animals that were studied were also completely picked at random.  If a random human were asked to join a flock of flamingos and figure out 100 words of their language and be able to replicate the sound.. it might be totally hopeless.  Who knows maybe not.  But it is so so impressive that this bird was able to figure out how to communicate to this degree.  It's possible that perhaps our intelligence is severely impaired to that of these other creatures.

Interesting elephant article.  I am just so intrigued by this field !