Thursday, August 21, 2014

War torn.

  For the most part, I feel so numb when I hear about war.  It's always on the news, always in the paper.  Yet, it seldom strikes a chord. Maybe because it feels so out of reach, surreal, and renders me completely helpless in what I can do to help. And sometimes, something shifts, and a chord is hit. Sometimes a single picture is enough to penetrate the emotional callouses I've developed over the years, and I feel something, I feel heavy.  I've somehow been given a life, where bombs and physical devastation, aren't a part of my day to day reality.  For so many beings, this isn't the case.  I wish there was something I could do.  Right now.  Sometimes I wish there was just some button that could be pressed... to pause life, just long enough, to set it all straight.  What are we doing? Why are we living like this?  Why do we care more about our iphones and tvs shows than we do our fellow companions on planet earth?  When did humanity become so separate from each other? How did we grow so much hatred in our hearts?  I do believe that we have such capacity to love, and such capacity to forgive.. can't we just turn it on... can't we just get over ourselves and our opinions.. and maybe stop the destruction? Or even better lend a helping hand.  Isn't that what being human is all about-- our capacity for intelligence and caring... and if it's not, can it be changed? Can we change? Praying for peace.